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Menu Power Bank

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2.Cell type:Li-ion battery
4. Input:5V/2A
5.Output: 5V/1A; 5V/2.1A(max)
6.Feature:Support 4 USB output at the same time; Support advertisement and all kinds of menu, with charging and discharging indicator. suitable for the restaurant/shop/bar/tea shop etc.
7.Cycle life:>500times
8.Working temperature: -10℃-40℃
9.Storage and Transportation temperature:-20℃-50℃
11.Weight: about 650g 
12:Charging time for 6000mah is 4H,  for 10000mah is 7H, for 13000mah is 8.5H
   For 6000mah: it can charge iphone6 about 2.3 times. 
    For 10000mah, it can charge iphone6 about 3.7 times.  
    For 13000mah, it can charge iphone6 about 4.8 times.

Currently, a huge number of people visit various cafes, spending a lot of time in them and almost everyone has a modern mobile phone that consumes a large amount of energy due to the increased use of applications and the Internet.

Many have had unpleasant moments of complete discharge of the phone, without the possibility of making an urgent call.


Now this is no longer a problem if it happened in a cafe where there are external Power Bank chargers in the form of menus. This charge has 4 USB outlets, thanks to which, the whole company can simultaneously charge their devices.


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